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Just the FAQs, ma'am...

Email us a question: colin@backcountry-snowboarding.com


Frequently asked questions:


Q: How do I buy things from your website?

A: We sell items through the Amazon Associates program, so you're technically not buying from us, you're buying from Amazon, but when you buy an item through our website we get a small percentage of the purchase from Amazon.com.


Q: Do you have a store that I can come check out?

A: No, sorry. We sell everything through the online Amazon.com associates program.


Q: Who did your website? It looks great!

A: Thanks! Our friend Dave did it for us. If you'd like to get ahold of him to do a site for you, you can contact him at bcfweb@gmail.com.

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Contact us by email at colin@backcountry-snowboarding.com